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Trick or Treat! You've Been Booed Halloween Printables | Halloween ideas, Halloween party ideas, entertaining ideas, party recipes and more from @cydconverse

Trick or Treat! You’ve Been Booed Halloween Printables

Last year was our first year living in our house and one day in October we came home from running errands to find out we had been booed! The idea behind being “booed” is that someone leaves a basket of goodies at your doorstep on the sly at some point during the Halloween season with a note letting you know you’ve been booed. You’re then supposed to pass along the fun by booing another family, all done anonymously. Today I’ve teamed up with HI-CHEW and the super talented Isabela of La Lu Isa to create these really happy and barely spooky Halloween printables so you can boo all your neighbors and officially be the coolest kid on the block! You can download them here, then just print on card stock and trim. Fashion together a basket or two loaded with your favorite HI-CHEW flavors (mine are mango and strawberry!) and a bunch of fun Halloween paraphernalia and you’ve got all the right moves.

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DIY Black Lace Candle Holders by @cydconverse

DIY Black Lace Candle Holders

As much as I really, truly love Halloween (or, more specifically, watching Hocus Pocus on repeat), I will admit it is just not traditionally my go-to holiday when it comes to crafting. I feel like it comes so quickly after summer and I tend to go much bigger for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so Halloween feels a …

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Pineapple Jack O'Lantern

A Pineapple Jack O’Lantern

I’ve seen a lot of cool variations on the classic carved pumpkin over the years. Gourds, squashes, little fruits like apples and oranges. But this? This pineapple jack o’lantern takes the cake by far in my book! Something about the texture of the pineapple and the spiky leaves resembling hair make it look so spooky. …

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