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Alt summit 2013

Alt Summit Snippets

Here’s the thing. As a blogger, I have totally failed you. I went to Alt bound and determined to take no fewer than 1037 photos for you. (No clue where that number came from, it just sounded good.) But see, then I got there and, like usual, the abundance of friends with whom to hug …

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Alt Summit 2013: Up and Coming Blogs

As promised last week, I’m kicking things off this morning by sharing a little recap of my panel discussion from Alt Summit last week. Nathan Williams of Kinfolk, Promise Tangeman, Vivian Mansour of ish & chi and I were charged with the exciting (but fairly well daunting) task of sharing our picks for some of the freshest blogs going. These blogs are essentially our picks …

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Got Alt?

This time next week I’ll be in full-out sensory overload, no doubt. It turns out, Alt Summit just has a way of doing that to you. In the best possible way. As I’m thinking about just how many pairs of sparkly shoes are reasonable to lug out to Salt Lake City with me, I am …

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