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Cocktail recipes

Classic Gimlet Recipe with Honey and Sage

When I was in college my father introduced me to the delicious beauty of a gin and tonic, and it quickly became my go-to cocktail, especially in the heat of summer. I’d come home from a long day working my summer internship and we’d convene on the back deck with a cocktail each, feet propped up …

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Lemon Thyme Blueberry Spritzer

Just in time for the end of the work week, Samantha and Chanda of Zest It Up are sharing the perfect cocktail recipe to kick off weekend happy hour. (Also, do you remember these chocolate covered vodka cherries they shared before? Yum!) We’re talking a fresh, citrusy, Meyer lemon inspired drink they’ve dubbed the lemon thyme blueberry …

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Recently Pinning: Citrus Cocktails

Lately it seems I’ve got a bit of an obsession with all things citrus. At least when it comes to cocktails! And it appears, I’m not the only one. From a classic French 75 jazzed up with blood orange to sangria loaded with grapefruit and strawberries, citrusy cocktails are popping up just about everywhere these …

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St. Germain Gin + Tonic

I’m excited to share this cocktail recipe with you today because it’s one of my absolute favorites! While simple, it’s classic, crisp and refreshing. Oh, and utterly delicious. Before we dive into the recipe, first a little background, because I quite enjoy cocktails and conversation with friends. The summer of my senior year of college, …

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Preserved Lemon Cocktail

Apparently it’s a lemony kind of day around here! Which, I suppose I like that just fine considering the smell of fresh lemons just makes me smile. Right now though, we’re talking lemony cocktails. Specifically, this preserved lemon cocktail from Eat Boutique which I recently had to try and fell head over heels for. It’s …

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