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Tea Sandwiches + Rosewater

Now that summer is in full swing, I’m all about easy entertaining and lazy afternoons. Small bites, pitchers of cocktails mixed in advance, homemade lemonade and sun tea set out to steep while you’re doing more important things like reading a book or going for a swim. These pretty little tea sandwiches and minted rosewater …

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Bachelor Party Idea – Make Your Own Martini Bar

This? This to me is pure brilliance. (But then, isn’t everything that Sunday Suppers does just brilliant?) A make your own martini bar with a clean yet rustic array of vodka, vermouth, water, and garnishes in simple glass containers and contemporary square dishes. Wouldn’t this be a great idea for a bachelor party? I can …

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Picnic Inspiration from Sunday Suppers

When the talented ladies of Sunday Suppers first launched their amazingly inspired blog, I was instantly hooked. From the food to the tablescapes to the amazing photography by Karen Mordechai, everything they touch feels beautiful in the most organic of ways. One of the most recent Sunday Suppers event was this summer’s end picnic in …

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