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Color Palette: Plum + Mint

Looking back recently, it dawned on me that it’s been a bit since shades of purple have come out to play in a color palette. Then this perfectly plum and mint pairing from Wendy’s Lookbook stumbled across my path and I decided these soft pastel colors, reminiscent of sweet summery gelato, were all kinds of lovely together. …

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Color Palette: Rainier + Sunflower

Something about starting off every Monday morning with a fresh dose of pretty color just makes me happy. But this color palette? This one in particular makes me really happy. Like big-ol-grin-on-the-face happy. Inspired by the color of Rainier cherries, basil, kumquats and sunflowers, it’s seriously kind of dreamy. Especially now that the weather is finally …

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Color Palette: Pink Pearl + Buttercup

Good Monday morning, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was a total, awesome whirlwind. And now it’s Monday and I’m honestly feeling kind of groggy following a few days in a row of being surrounded by all my favorite people. So, as I always think fitting, I’m all about starting the week …

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