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Loving Romantic Flowers

My grandmother was an avid gardener and her love for gorgeous flowers has been passed down the generations, first to my mother and then to me. I’m a lifelong sucker for beautiful bouquets and lush centerpieces, the more romantic the better. I’ve found myself pinning so many stunning floral arrangements lately that it’s definitely safe …

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Loving Wedding Bouquets

Without question gorgeous flowers are one of my favorite design details for weddings and celebrations. It’s such a great way to introduce color, texture and personality, which is why I am loving wedding bouquets right now. From the bold and colorful to the classic and traditional, a beautiful wedding bouquet never goes out of style. …

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Pretty Pretty Floral Inspiration from Saipua

My lovely friend Anne-Marie of Perfect Bound made a comment about another sweet friend of mine, Erika from Delphine, on Twitter last week about how “everything she touches turns to pretty.” I was so taken by that simple observation, because it’s so very very true. Everything Erika creates is perfectly pretty. Today was a day …

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