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DIY Dip Dye Market Tote Bag by @cydconverse

DIY Dip Dye Market Tote Bag

Here in our neck of the woods in the northeast, we are transitioning into prime farmer’s market season right now. The squashes, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes are everywhere. Over the next month or two those will start to give way to pumpkins, butternut squash and all of those winter vegetables we love so much in …

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DIY Wooden Bead Keychain by @cydconverse

DIY Wooden Bead Keychain

Last week on Instagram I shared a little peek of today’s DIY project so I’m excited to share it with you! This is one of those DIY ideas that I love best. Simple, fun, easy to do and seriously so cute when it’s all done. Somewhere along the way I amassed a whole bunch of wooden beads, …

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DIY Shibori Onesies by @cydconverse

DIY Shibori Onesies

Is it just me or does it seem like there is a virtual baby boom going on at the moment? Between blogger friends and “real life” friends, I swear at least 1/4 of the women I know are expecting little ones in the coming months. And with lots of babies, comes lots of showers to attend …

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DIY Foil Striped iPhone Case by @cydconverse

DIY Foil Striped iPhone Case

Historically speaking, I tend to be the type who buys an iPhone case and keeps the same one for months or even years, until it’s completely beat up. Lately though I’ve been into changing my chase up more often and kind of feel a little, “Duh, why wasn’t I doing this before?” about the whole …

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DIY Sequin Shamrock Shirt from @cydconverse

DIY Sequin Shamrock Shirt

An alternate title for this post could be, “Isn’t My Best Friend Super Pretty?” or “That Time I Finally Made a Sequin Shamrock Shirt.” In all seriousness, this is a project I had on my list of things to do last year before St. Patrick’s Day, but then we moved at the beginning of March …

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DIY Flower Ribbon Necklace

DIY Ribbon Flower Necklace

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. I am a grade A, certified lover of all things floral. Turn those blooms into a gorgeous fresh flower necklace made simply in a few minutes with velvet ribbon and, well, I’m crazed. In a totally good way. Today our awesome gal pal Andrea …

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