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Mother's Day

DIY Gifts for Mom: DIY No Sew Blanket

35 DIY Gifts for Mom to Make at Home

As a mom to a sweet little toddler, I have a serious love for homemade Mother’s Day gifts. I especially love those things that can be made simply, inexpensively and with few materials. Here I’ve rounded up 35 DIY gifts for mom that check all those boxes, many of which can be made with materials or ingredients you likely already have at home hopefully saving you time, money and a trip out to the store.

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Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas from @cydconverse

Mother’s Day Gift Boxes Three Ways

With Mother’s Day coming up in just a few days, I wanted to put together a few really fun, easy gift boxes packed full of goodies. I love giving and receiving gifts like this, with an assortment of things I might not otherwise buy for myself. For me, I’m all about luxurious bath and body products since I rarely splurge on those treats. That said I wanted to pull together a few different gift box options for all the moms in your life or for yourself!

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Berry + Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries

Happy Monday, friends! I’m working on getting back in the saddle following a little spring break adventure over the second half of last week. There’s a really funny story there about a toddler who refused to sleep and cried for seven hours in a car only to then hate living in a hotel, but we’re going to save that one until I’ve recovered a bit more. Ha! In the meantime, let’s talk about these breakfast pastries. Because it’s Monday and by Monday I’m already thinking about weekend brunch.

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Lemon Lavender Hand Pies from @cydconverse

Lemon Lavender Hand Pies

Over the winter, the sweet Lauren of Lauren Werkheiser Photography shared her super yummy homemade chocolate truffles with us and today she’s back! These lemon-lavender hand pies are a perfect treat now that the sun is shining and everything lemon seems to be the order of the day. (At least for me, anyway.) They’d make a sweet addition …

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DIY Flower Ribbon Necklace

DIY Ribbon Flower Necklace

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. I am a grade A, certified lover of all things floral. Turn those blooms into a gorgeous fresh flower necklace made simply in a few minutes with velvet ribbon and, well, I’m crazed. In a totally good way. Today our awesome gal pal Andrea …

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DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier

DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier

by Chelsea Costa On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I came across the most incredible flower market. It was floating in the middle of the Amsterdam canals, and the shops there had rows and rows of dried flowers hanging upside down from the ceilings. I thought it was the coolest thing I’d seen in a long …

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DIY Glitter Vases

Inspired by many reader requests for a DIY tutorial to recreate the glittery mason jar vases from this New Year’s Eve party, today we’re playing with glitter. A whole lot of glitter! I whipped up two different versions of these glitter vasses, both of which are quick and easy. They’re perfect for parties, weddings or …

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DIY Potted Herb Favors

Good morning, everyone! I want to pause quickly this morning to thank everyone who has already chimed in on the 2012 reader survey. Reading your responses has me thinking up so many great ideas and also feeling so grateful for likely having the coolest and sweetest readers in the world. No, seriously. So thank you …

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