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DIY Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

DIY Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

I’m so excited today to have Aimee of Made In the Fold back with us, sharing the loveliest Easter eggs! These natural dyed Easter eggs have the softest, prettiest look that feels just so organic and lovely. Aimee created them with ingredients such as blueberries and red onion skin and then went back with a …

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DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier

DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier

by Chelsea Costa On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I came across the most incredible flower market. It was floating in the middle of the Amsterdam canals, and the shops there had rows and rows of dried flowers hanging upside down from the ceilings. I thought it was the coolest thing I’d seen in a long …

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DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches

by Kelly Lanza After the baskets have been filled and the eggs have been hunted this Easter, why not keep the fun going!? These little bunny treat pouches make a great little takeaway for an Easter brunch or dinner, and can even act as place cards too! Fill them up with sweets (Cadbury Mini Eggs …

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DIY Glitter Eggs (Failed)

In an effort to keep it real, I’m going to break it down for you today and share this project with you. Even though it failed quite miserably and I decided to walk from it and have another cup of coffee instead of dealing with it like a good little blogger would. (Because sometimes/often/always I …

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DIY Glitter Vases

Inspired by many reader requests for a DIY tutorial to recreate the glittery mason jar vases from this New Year’s Eve party, today we’re playing with glitter. A whole lot of glitter! I whipped up two different versions of these glitter vasses, both of which are quick and easy. They’re perfect for parties, weddings or …

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DIY Potted Herb Favors

Good morning, everyone! I want to pause quickly this morning to thank everyone who has already chimed in on the 2012 reader survey. Reading your responses has me thinking up so many great ideas and also feeling so grateful for likely having the coolest and sweetest readers in the world. No, seriously. So thank you …

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DIY Painterly Party Wares

by Jenny Batt There is a war in my heart this summer…hot pink versus deep cerulean blue. This time, flashes of hot pink won. Ever sit at home thinking of making something special for that next party and want something different? Something easy, but fun and adds just a touch of whimsy? Enter lightly tipped …

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DIY Floral Centerpiece

Hi, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was long, full of sunshine and lots of time spent with my family. Just what I needed! Today I am excited to kick off the week with a pretty little DIY project I put together, photographed by my lovely friend Alice G. Patterson. So today …

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DIY Bunny Placecards

by Jenny Batt Well, I was looking for something whimsical but beyond the usual pastels for Easter. Every so often the boys and I cruise the toy animal section and these little guys hopped out at me. (Get it, hopped…har har. ) This is just a variation of the DIY Party Animal Candles, but perfectly …

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