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Winter Cocktails

Champagne cocktails make the best Christmas cocktails! This blueberry bubbly sparkler is the perfect Christmas cocktail recipe. See more from entertaining blog @cydconverse!

Raise a Glass with these Blueberry and Thyme Champagne Cocktails

The countdown to the holidays is officially on, friends, and by super popular request I’m sneaking in a couple more Christmas cocktails before all the merriment commences! Champagne cocktails are, of course, perfect for Christmas and also make the ideal New Year’s Eve cocktail. Might I suggest this blueberry bubbly sparkler? It’s the loveliest, tastiest champagne cocktail for either holiday…or both!

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A Kris Kringle North Pole Moscow Mule | Christmas cocktails, Christmas recipes and Christmas party ideas from entertaining blog @cydconverse

A Merry Kris Kringle North Pole Mule

Have we talked about how much I love a good Moscow mule? And no, I don’t care even a tiny little bit if my love for a mule makes me totally basic. Of course I think it is requisite to have good Christmas Moscow mule up your sleeve amongst your tried and true Christmas cocktail recipes, so today I’m coming at you with my version. We’re calling this the Kris Kringle North Pole mule because it sounds totally festive, just like this drink looks and tastes!

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White Chocolate Peppermint White Russian | Christmas cocktails and holiday entertaining tips from entertaining blog @cydconverse

Ho Ho Ho! It’s a White Chocolate Peppermint White Russian

One of the questions I get a lot from my friends is my recommendation for the best Christmas cocktail to serve up at all their various holiday parties. Apparently my reputation precedes me! Making seasonal holiday cocktails is my favorite, but jazzing up a classic White Russian recipe in particular is kind of my thing. Over the years I’ve made sugar cookie White Russians, gingerbread White Russians and my super popular salted caramel White Russian recipe. This year I’m raising the bar with this white chocolate peppermint White Russian recipe that tastes a bit like Christmas itself swirled into a glass.

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Sparkling Pomegranate French 75 Recipe | New Year's Eve cocktail recipes, entertaining tips, New Year's Eve party ideas and more from @cydconverse

Sparkling Pomegranate French 75

With New Year’s Eve just a few days away, what better time is there to talk about festive bubbly cocktails?! Although, in all seriousness, I am advocate of a good bubbly cocktail precisely 100% of the time. Or just a good bottle of bubbly by itself. That’s always a fully acceptable option. Today though, we’re …

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Sugar Cookie White Russians | Best Christmas White Russian recipes, entertaining tips, party ideas, holiday party recipes and more from @cydconverse

Sugar Cookie White Russians

‘Tis the season for the most festive of Christmas cocktails and I’m serving up one of my new favorites! I’ve dubbed these frothy little concoctions sugar cookie White Russians and with good reason. They’re loaded with yummy vanilla flavor and topped with whipped cream, sugar cookie crumbles and sprinkles! This is the type of cocktail that is sure to wow your friends and makes the perfect addition to your hosting repertoire this time of year. I’m partnering with Walmart to bring you the recipe, which boasts my personal favorite vodka, Tito’s Handmade. (Any other Tito’s fans in the house?!) So let’s get to mixing, because this cocktail is going to make your actual sugar cookies at least a teeny bit jealous this year.

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The Sweetest Occasion's Holiday Wine Guide (All Under $25) | Entertaining tips, holiday party ideas, holiday gift ideas and more from @cydconverse

The Sweetest Occasion’s Holiday Wine Guide (All Under $25)

Last year my sister Ash and I sat down before the holidays and came up with The Sweetest Occasion’s first annual holiday wine guide featuring some of our favorite wines, all of which come in at under $25 a bottle. This year we’re back at it again, with an updated wine guide just in time for Thanksgiving! We kept a lot of our old standbys, but freshened up the list with some of the new wines we’ve discovered and grown to love over the last year. We have wines here for just about every holiday occasion whether it be for sipping while binge watching Christmas movies, gifting your mother in-law, mulling with citrus and spices or for pairing with your holiday dinners. Neither of us claims to be a sommelier, we just really love trying and discovering new wines, and we both fully believe that you can get a great bottle of wine for a great price. For what it’s worth, you could gift either of us any of these bottles and we’d be super happy campers! Do you have any favorites to add to the list? Chime in below so I can give them a try!  

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Gingerberry Sparkler | Winter cocktails, champagne cocktails, entertaining ideas, party ideas and more from @cydconverse

Gingerberry Sparkler

This super pretty gingerberry sparkler is a cocktail that I made over the holidays and shared over on Inspired By This. I had fully intended to share the post then, but if you recall that was right about the time that I came down with the first wave of the death plague that decided to hang around for nearly a month and it just never happened. That said, this cocktail would make the perfect bubbly concoction for sipping while you’re watching the Oscar’s this weekend!

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Gingerbread White Russian Recipe | Cocktail recipes, Christmas cocktails, entertaining tips and party ideas from @cydconverse

Gingerbread White Russian

For me a white Russian is a special treat. They aren’t something I drink often, but for some reason they seem particularly appropriate as a Christmas cocktail to me. A couple of years ago I made these salted caramel white Russians that were a hit so this year I wanted to play on the classic …

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Grapefruit Moscow Mule Recipe | Cocktail recipes, party ideas and entertaining tips from @cydconverse - Repin to save or click through for the recipe!

Grapefruit Moscow Mule

A few weeks ago, Bob and I were able to sneak off for a little getaway in Lake Placid while the baby had a weekend play date at Grandma and Papa’s house. (Yes, it was my first time leaving her. Yes, it was both difficult and amazing. So there’s that.) If you aren’t familiar with Lake Placid, …

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