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Whiskey + Bourbon Cocktails

Boozy Irish Coffee Milkshake | St. Patrick's Day cocktails, St Patrick's Day desserts, St. Patrick's Day recipes, Irish coffee recipe and more from @cydconverse

Boozy Irish Coffee Milkshakes

At our favorite Irish pub here in town, they serve an Irish coffee that is the stuff that warms the soul on a cold winter day. Dark, rich coffee steaming hot with big splashes of whiskey and Irish cream. Topped with whipped cream and a little dusting of cinnamon, it’s basically dessert meets cocktail meets some kind of heaven. Is Ireland heaven after all? It may just be, friends, it may just be.

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Pumpkin Ale Spiked Cider | Party appetizers, party cocktails, party ideas, party recipes and more from @cydconverse

Pumpkin Ale Spiked Cider

This cocktail recipe was created in collaboration with Dr. Oetker Virtuoso Pizza. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help make The Sweetest Occasion possible! You’ve probably heard me preach before about pitcher cocktail recipes being the best way to go for parties. It’s true! If you mix up a big pitcher of cocktails before your guests arrive, it …

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Peach Whiskey Smash Cocktail Recipe | Whiskey cocktails, cocktail recipes and entertaining ideas from @cydconverse

Peach Whiskey Smash Cocktail

I don’t share too many whiskey cocktail recipes around these parts, because I think whiskey is a fairly polarizing spirit. That said, we always keep our bar stocked with whiskey because Bob and I both enjoy a good whiskey cocktail from time to time. So today, for all of you whiskey lovers or soon-to-be whiskey fans, …

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A Classic Tom and Jerry Recipe

A Classic Tom and Jerry Recipe

In our area here in Upstate New York there is nothing that marks the start of the holiday season more than the emergence of the famed Tom and Jerry bowl! If you have no idea what that means, I’m about to fill you in. If you’re already familiar with the classic Tom and Jerry, you’re probably already squealing with joy. Because that’s what happens as we stomp off our snowy boots and make our way inside to sip that first Tom and Jerry of the season. While my favorite version is served up at The Crystal, you will find them in bars and restaurants all over the region. They are only served from Thanksgiving through New Year’s day and then they’re gone for another year. I think that’s absolutely part of their magic, because they conjure up the joy and cheer of the season.

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S'mores Pudding Shots | Recipe at The Sweetest Occasion

S’mores Pudding Shots

Hi, friends, and happy Monday! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. We got to spend Saturday visiting friends and enjoying one of those hot summer days in the pool that seem to happen far too infrequently but are always so much fun. Before we left for the day I bundled up all the pudding …

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Irish Coffee with a Twist

Irish Coffee with a Twist

There’s a little Irish pub in our town where there’s nothing I love more than sipping a classic Irish coffee on a cold winter’s day. Something about that whiskey just warms you up from the inside out! Today Matthew McCully is sharing his twist on an Irish coffee recipe – poured over ice and made with cola …

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Honey Plum Splash

Throughout October I’m going to be taking some time off and have invited a handful of my favorite bloggers to join us. Today we’re welcoming Kelly of Santa Barbara Chic, an absolutely beautiful blog chock full of lovely ideas for weddings and entertaining. Kelly is a wonderfully talented stylist, blogger and floral designer and it’s such …

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