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Spring Cocktails

Mixing a Maple Salty Dog Cocktail + The Minimalist Kitchen Cookbook

Over my last decade of blogging I have had the incredible privilege of making friends with loads of amazingly talented people. The camaraderie and the community in this wild little industry of ours is what made me fall in love with blogging from the very beginning, way back in 2008 when I took at stab at writing my very first post. Melissa Coleman of The Faux Martha is one of those people. She’s a tiny little whisp of a lady with an impeccable eye, a knack for making delicious food and a brand new cookbook, The Minimalist Kitchen, among her credits. A couple months ago I received an advance copy of her book, which is now available for sale, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s loaded with tips for how to stock your pantry and your kitchen so you can make really delicious, wholesome meals without having to run out to the store for a bunch of exotic ingredients every time you cook. If your kitchen is anything like mine, it can get overrun with containers of this and cans of that, too many of which go bad before they ever get used. I’m absolutely going to spend some time revisiting those sections of Melissa’s book and purging my kitchen of a lot of the nonsense, because I hate unruly cupboards and that’s precisely how mine are looking and feeling at the moment.

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Cheers to the Sunshine State + The Ultimate Strawberry Mojito

When we travel to Florida to visit family, there’s this open air restaurant we love to frequent where you can sip cocktails overlooking the water and where time moves a little bit slower. Said restaurant is known for their insanely delicious strawberry mojitos to an extent that I’m pretty sure you’re crazy if you go there and order anything else. I’ve been playing around with strawberry mojito recipes for a bit and haven’t been able to nail one that’s as good as theirs. Until now! When we last went to Florida in January, I finally figured out what makes them tick. It’s a combination of loads of fresh strawberries muddled with a big fistful of mint and then a homemade strawberry syrup that packs a ton of strawberry flavor. These are over the top refreshing and perhaps a bit dangerous for that reason! But nothing else quite says strawberry season like this mojito recipe. (Because I’m assured that spring will actually come some day and eventually we might even have a strawberry season. Who knew?!)

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10 Must Try Mimosa Recipes for Easter

I’m still over here wrapping my head around the fact that Easter is so early this year and boom! It’s here already. Time for a good mimosa recipe, am I right? Most years we have Easter dinner at my father’s house, which we’ll be doing again this year. My dad is always good for pulling out a great bottle of wine to serve with holiday dinners, but personally I’m all about a fabulous mimosa recipe on Easter. (See: Mimosa popsicles for the win.)

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Lemon Thyme Blueberry Spritzer

Just in time for the end of the work week, Samantha and Chanda of Zest It Up are sharing the perfect cocktail recipe to kick off weekend happy hour. (Also, do you remember these chocolate covered vodka cherries they shared before? Yum!) We’re talking a fresh, citrusy, Meyer lemon inspired drink they’ve dubbed the lemon thyme blueberry …

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