Real Talk with Real Moms: How I Keep It Together as a Solo Parent

Mar 22
The Sweetest Occasion | Solo Parent Stories and Solo Parenting Advice

Emerson had the flu last week. When she spiked a fever on Wednesday I pretty much knew our fate since she’d been exposed on Monday, so I immediately scooped her out of the house for a flu test. While she sat on my lap in the waiting room, crying to go home, she complained about how her eyeballs felt like they were fire. So naturally we sat there for more than two hours. Me frantically trying to keep her little hands from touching any hard surfaces, she crying about wanting to read the books I could basically tell had dysentery. Meanwhile I was texting Bob, keeping him updated, wishing that for once he was home when the shit hit the fan. He’s never home when the shit hits the fan, you see, and that is the definition of my life as a solo parent.

Epic Vegetarian Poutine with Easy Homemade Vegetarian Gravy

Mar 4
Vegetarian Poutine Recipe with Vegetarian Gravy | Entertaining blog, party appetizers, fun party foods and cocktail recipes from @cydconverse

It’s Monday, so it feels like a good day to talk about poutine. Vegetarian poutine, specifically, made with an easy homemade vegetarian gravy that will leave you wanting for none of the flavor you love about gravy. Some of you may be wondering, “What the heck is poutine?!” In short, it’s a Canadian dish featuring fries layered with cheese curd and then smothered in gravy. Usually it’s beef gravy, but often it’s chicken gravy. Today we’re making it with vegetarian gravy so that your vegetarian pals (like me) can get down with the poutine goodness, too.

Real Talk with Real Moms: When Your Family Grows Unexpectedly

Feb 22
Real Talk with Real Moms: When Your Family Grows Unexpectedly

Some of you may remember a couple of years ago when I was part of the Real Talk with Real Mom series along with a bunch of my favorite ladies in the blogging community where each month we would share our personal experiences related to motherhood and parenting. After a long hiatus, the series is back and I’m so excited to dig into some of the really tricky topics we all think about so often as mothers and parents. Today we’re dishing on growing families – going from one kid to two or more or, in our case, an unexpected addition to your cub pack.