An Easy Summer Tomato Tart Recipe

Jun 18
An Easy Tomato Tart: Entertaining ideas, summer party ideas, easy summer recipes from @cydconverse

I love an easy recipe for summer parties, easy weeknight dinners and just generally maximizing my time spent enjoying summer versus being tethered to the kitchen. This fuss-free tomato tart recipe is just such a dish!

It makes the most of ripe tomatoes fresh from the garden or farmer’s market. It’s light, tasty and perfect for bringing to a summer potluck.

Glazed Apple Fritter Waffles Recipe

Jun 10
Glazed Apple Fritter Waffles

Long before I had kids, we had a Sunday morning tradition that involved making homemade waffles at the family lake house. From there I became a bit of a waffle fanatic, experimenting with different flavors and toppings. These glazed apple fritter waffles were born from that same love. Oh, and from the love of a good apple fritter!