Hosting a Photography Summer Camp

Aug 29
Photography Summer Camp | Summer Camp Ideas for Kids

When I was a kid I always had a camera in my hand. I didn’t know then that photography was a career. Heck, the internet had yet to even be invented. But I would spend hours styling the wardrobe of my sister and my cousins, and then pose them in various scenes to take their photos. I loved every minute of fiddling with a camera.

How to Make a Seasonal Summer Harvest Cheese Board

Aug 27
Easy Party Appetizers: Summer Harvest Cheese Board from @cydconverse

I’m pretty sure that a great cheese board makes the perfect party appetizer no matter the occasion. I’m convinced of it, in fact. In full disclosure, I actually think a cheese board makes the perfectly easy dinner, too! Just give me all the cheese, please. This cheese board is sort of an ode to late summer and the fruits and veggies spilling out of gardens and farmer’s market bins right now. 

An Easy Summer Tomato Tart

Aug 5
An Easy Tomato Tart: Entertaining ideas, summer party ideas, easy summer recipes from @cydconverse

I love an easy recipe for summer parties, easy weeknight dinners and just generally maximizing my time spent enjoying summer versus being tethered to the kitchen. This fuss-free tomato tart recipe is just such a dish! It makes the most of ripe tomatoes fresh from the garden or farmer’s market. It’s light, tasty and perfect for bringing to a summer potluck.

Real Talk with Real Moms: How We’re Raising Kids without Religion

Jun 28

In nearly 11 years of blogging, I’ve never talked about matters of spirituality or religion. Today I am excited to dive into it a bit as part of the next installment of our Real Talk with Real Mom series. Today we’re all chatting about religion, spirituality and how it relates to parenting. Are you raising your kids with religion? I am not and I thought I would share a bit about why.