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DIY Glitter Eggs (Failed)

In an effort to keep it real, I’m going to break it down for you today and share this project with you. Even though it failed quite miserably and I decided to walk from it and have another cup of coffee instead of dealing with it like a good little blogger would. (Because sometimes/often/always I find coffee is a really good solution to a lot of things.) Ready to hear a funny story? Good, because I’m warning you that there are no pretty styled photos accompanying this post. Just a good ol’ fashioned DIY fail.

Eggs | The Sweetest Occasion

Yesterday Jenny wrote a really great post about the time that goes into creating DIY projects for online editorial and girl is not wrong. It’s time consuming and sometimes it’s just outright exhausting. But see, I really really wanted to make some Easter eggs for you. Despite having just moved and having traveled more already in 2013 than I ever usually have at this point in the year (as in it’s March and I’m already at something like 12 or 13 flights), and generally being in a constant state of juggling over here at the moment. The first week of spring has brought loads of snow and  squashed my plans to shoot a whole bunch of awesome DIY projects as intended this week. But, lest I should be a lazy little blogger, I was going to make you some eggs, damnit.

Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter | The Sweetest Occasion

So with that in mind I did what any good blogger would do. I boiled some eggs. I rounded up my stash of glitter. I grabbed a jar of ModPodge. And I was making glitter eggs. They were going to be amazing. They were going to be the next biggest thing to hit Pinterest. No big deal.

Making glitter Easter eggs | The Sweetest Occasion

I slapped a coat of ModPodge on my eggs. And I’m rocking out to Pandora and generally having a grand time. And then it all went downhill.

Making glitter Easter eggs | The Sweetest Occasion

On goes the glitter. And as is my usual MO, I just dumped the stuff right on there. I was getting excited, it was looking pretty. And then? Then not so much. It got sort of gloopy and clumpy and it was obviously not going to give me the smooth all-over coverage of glitter glee I was looking for initially. I played with it a bit. And then you know what? I just didn’t care. So I laughed it off. I washed the glitter off my hands. And I made that cup of coffee.

Making glitter Easter eggs | The Sweetest Occasion

See? What could have been awesome is not so awesome. By now you may be wondering why I’m sharing this with you considering it’s a far cry from my usual DIY posts. But honestly I felt like you should know that this is how it goes. For every perfectly styled and executed DIY tutorial I share there’s usually another one that didn’t make the cut. Or the ones that do make the cut? Sometimes I have to try what feels like 27 different techniques to nail one that achieves the look I’m going for and that I feel you’ll reasonably be able to replicate on your own. (You know, without the 27 attempts.) My boyfriend will tell you, it’s not uncommon for me to be up into the wee hours of the morning the night before a shoot trying to perfect things. And today? Today I was over perfection and I wanted coffee. So this is where we’re at.

Making glitter Easter eggs | The Sweetest Occasion

Want to know a little secret? As I am writing this, those eggs are still laying there in a pile of their own glittery disappointment. And I’ll probably find glitter in my hair for days. (Which I secretly find awesome, I admit.) Now if I were going to give this another go (which, I’m not, mind you), I would definitely use a glitter with a larger size particle. I happen to have a ton of a this shimmer glitter with teensy glitter grains and I wasn’t thinking it through when I grabbed these colors. They don’t work, so if you want to give this a try at home, go larger. Also, I realized halfway into it that the particular jar of ModPodge I grabbed was kind of old. I’m now going to toss it out, because I feel it’s partially to blame. And if you still want some pointers? I’d suggest popping over to Pinterest where I have loads of pretty eggs pinned because clearly these people are doing it better than me and you should be looking to them for guidance here.

Making glitter Easter eggs | The Sweetest Occasion

All of this to say, if you want to skip the fancy Easter eggs I personally vote that you do. I won’t judge you for buying an egg dye kit at the store. And if you hate hard boiled eggs? Then seriously, just buy the chocolate kind. I give you permission.

[Photos by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]

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Monday 29th of July 2013

I love a good fail post. Most of my projects have failure somewhere along the way, so if I didn't post about them I wouldn't have much to talk about!


Wednesday 1st of May 2013

I've glittered a vase, but I mixed the glitter with the modge podge before painting it on. You get a smooth finish.

Polka Dot Bride

Wednesday 3rd of April 2013

HA this is why I adore you Cyd! I don't even admit my failures, I just post them, and then look at how SAD they look! Sometimes I think I will never get what is in my head into a photograph!

Lauren Lou

Thursday 28th of March 2013

I love that you posted this. Bravo to you! I'm currently going through this right now!! I have round-two sharpie decorated porcelain egg cups cooling in the oven and I'm calming the stress of the them failing, again, by drowning myself in a big cup of coffee. Thanks for keeping it real! The pics are still gorgeous! Lou xx

Lorraine | Harvesting Love Events

Monday 25th of March 2013

I LOVE this. Thanks so much. Whenever I try to do a new DIY craft for my blog, I'm always in this test trial phase before it actually gets to the real post. Sometimes it may take a couple of founds to perfect it.

Thanks so much for showing this. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one where it doesn't come out perfect the first time!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.