Loving Churros + Chocolate

Mar 21

Guys. Something ridiculous is happening. And by “ridiculous” I mean positively splendiferous. Churros. They’re single handedly taking over the world. They’re fighting crime. They’re fixing the ozone. They’re making people smile. And holy heck they’re everywhere right now! I love churros. With rich, decadent chocolate, they’re like some kind of heaven that I’m sure we’re going to find out is illegal at some point. I’m warning you. This post is not for the faint of heart. You’re going to be drooling at your desk. (Guilty.) Your blood sugar is going to spike just looking at the photos. You’re going to have no choice but to whip up a batch for dessert this weekend or for your next party. But then you’re going to smile. And the ozone will be fixed. And crime rates will fall. And, well, all will be right in the world. Because churros are just that good.

Churros + chocolate | The Sweetest Occasion

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