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How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch

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How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse

There are few things that say “spring” to me quite like brunch! After long months hidden inside, getting together with friends for brunch feels like such a joy. Today I am teaming up with Simply Orange as part of their nature-to-New York campaign to bring you my tips for hosting a sweet and simple farm to table inspired spring brunch! The star of the show? Mimosa popsicles made with Simply Orange® Pulp Free that are sure to wow your gal pals. That’s right. Mimosa popsicles. I’ve just gone and upped your brunch game from here on out. You’re welcome!

How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse

How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse

How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse

How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0037resized 2

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0008resized 2

The Styling
When styling a simple brunch like this, keep a light, neutral color palette in mind. It will make it really easy to use basic, white everyday plates and bowls while still looking really chic. A light colored tablecloth, a touch of metallic gold here and there and everything looks really elevated and elegant while honestly taking only a short while to pull together. Pro tip: Things like fruit and danishes look gorgeous plated on little white trays or set out in a cool colander or bowl. You don’t need to buy a bunch of new stuff nor do you have to spend three hours cooking before everyone shows up. A few little details can translate to a lot of wow factor!

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0073resized 2

How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse

The Menu
For this brunch I really wanted to keep the focus on simple, spring dishes inspired by nature. I made little individual frittatas with farm eggs, fresh asparagus, tomatoes and radishes. You can even bake them the night before and just warm them up right before guests arrive! Fresh fruit, extra veggies as crudite and a few pastries were all that was needed to round out the menu. Too often I think we tend to overcomplicate things and that makes entertaining feel a bit daunting. I’m here to make it easier for you – keep it simple, fresh and loaded with seasonal spring flavors and you honestly really can’t go wrong!

How to Host a Sweet and Simple Spring Brunch from @cydconverse

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0070resized 2 Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0012resized 2

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0051resized 2

The Mimosa Popsicles
The undisputed life of the party though has to be the mimosa popsicles. Your friends will think you’re a genius, but in reality this is as easy as can be. The day before brunch, fill a popsicle mold with Simply Orange®. (I like this mold the best!) I like that Simply Orange® Pulp Free is never frozen, never sweetened and never concentrated, making it seriously delicious for sipping or for popsicle making. Once your molds are filled, pop it into the freezer without inserting the popsicle sticks. After about 20 minutes or when the juice is starting to get a bit slushy, insert your sticks and then freeze overnight. Come time for brunch, serve each popsicle in a stemless wine glass. Pour bubbly over top and prepare to impress everyone you know!

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0018resized 2

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0038resized 2 Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0029resized 2

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0039resized 2

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0074resized 2 Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0010resized 2

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0040resized 2

Farm-To-Table-Brunch-With-Simply-Orange-Popsicle-Mimosas-The-Sweetest-Occasion-0062resized 2

For my New York readers, get your name in the hat to score prizes and coupons to inspire your own spring party at Gotham to Grove. For more details and to check out additional Simply inspirations and recipes, like the Simply Facebook page or visit the official website!


[Art direction + styling by Cyd Converse | Photos by Alice G. Patterson for The Sweetest Occasion.]

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Lili Swett

Tuesday 19th of April 2016

Love the Popsicle idea. This looks yummy!

Cyd Converse

Monday 25th of April 2016

Thanks, Lili! The pops are super good, give them a try sometime!

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Friday 18th of March 2016

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sara | alice & lois

Wednesday 16th of March 2016

Mimosa popsicles - adding to my Easter brunch menu right now!

Cyd Converse

Friday 18th of March 2016

You won't be disappointed, Sara! ;-) xo

Rachel (Lines Across)

Saturday 12th of March 2016

Wow everyone looks so delicious and beautiful! And those mimosa popsicles are genius! What a fantastic idea!

Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

Friday 11th of March 2016

Ok, I really need to get invited to one of your parties! Impeccable styling and advice, AS USUAL! I am also with you on spring and brunches. Yes to both!

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