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Cyd Converse

Best Ever Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Entertaining ideas, recipes, cocktail recipes and party ideas from @cydconverse

Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

This oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe and I go way back. To my cold, drafty college apartment and one of the very first runs of the KitchenAid stand mixer my stepmother had gifted me for Christmas. (The one that still sits on my kitchen counter to this day!) But there is good reason I’ve been making these chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies all these years – they are crazy delicious!

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Toddler Bedroom

One Room Challenge: Em’s Toddler Bedroom Makeover

This past fall I had so much fun making over our den and powder room as part of the One Room Challenge that I decided to tackle the challenge again. This time I’m taking on a makeover of Em’s toddler bedroom! It’s currently a mishmash of leftover furniture from her sweet little nursery at our old rental house, and the big girl bed we bought her last year assuming we’d get to this makeover way back then.

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How to Make Easy Homemade Playdough

The Best Homemade Playdough Recipe

Our little Em is an OG playdough fan. Well, as OG as you can be at four years old, right? We first made homemade playdough a couple of years ago because this kid can sit for hours on end rolling and building until her imagination is exhausted. Here we’re sharing our favorite easy homemade playdough recipe – it’s so simple to make!

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Episode 008: Living Through Grief

This week’s episode was a hard one to record. Honestly, it was hard to even think about and I’m not sure it’s an episode I’ll ever listen back to in its entirety, which I usually do before we push an episode live. But, this one was different. In this mini episode I talk about living through grief and what it’s like to be grieving the loss of a loved one during a global pandemic. What happens when you’re already grieving and suddenly life as you know it changes in a completely different way?

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