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5 Gorgeous Easter Egg DIY Ideas

Hi, friends! Happy Sunday! This is the part where I shake my head ruefully and admit that I completely went off the rails in the whole blogging department the last part of the week. I was in Charleston hosting a workshop with my girl Erika which was kind of a whirlwind, and happened to come down with some kind of stomach bug the night before the workshop, which was kind of awful. Luckily, I pulled it together, the workshop went off without a hitch and I made it home late yesterday afternoon feeling much better, if incredibly exhausted. In full disclosure, I’ve done basically absolutely nothing but watch movies and rest on the couch since then. So today, we’re talking about Easter eggs! Because any plans I had to make some pretty ones to share with you apparently stand very little chance of happening in light of my wild schedule and crap immune system lately. No worries, today I’ve got some of the prettiest Easter egg DIY ideas going, just in time for you to get busy with it before Easter next week.

DIY Foliage Easter Eggs

[DIY Foliage Easter Eggs from Say Yes]

DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs

[DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs from Studio DIY]

DIY Watercolor Eggs

[DIY Watercolor Eggs from Only Deco Love]

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

[DIY Typography Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed]

DIY Hanging Easter Egg Planters

[DIY Hanging Easter Egg Planters from Fall for DIY]


Mini Asparagus Frittatas from @cydconverse
Mini Asparagus Frittatas
Color Palette: Berry and Citron by @cydconverse
Color Palette: Berry + Citron

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.