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Best Cold and Flu Home Remedies

Good morning, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. Thank you so much for bearing with me last week! I’ve only ever had the flu once before and it was a good six or seven years ago and, I’ll be honest, I completely forgot just how awful it feels. After three days of an incredibly high fever, I’m actually still feeling really exhausted and the cough is continuing to plague me, but otherwise I’m definitely on the mend. I will be very real with you and admit that I’ve barely been vertical since last Tuesday. There may or may not be a permanent imprint of my body pressed into the couch cushions. I am trying really hard to stay relatively still for another day or so, because I have a lot of work travel coming up this month and I can’t afford to have this linger. To that end, I’ve been reading up on at home remedies and immune boosters. After nearly a week of prescription and over the counter medicines, I feel like my body is craving some good nutrition-based immunity. Hopefully it’s just what I need to finish kicking this and get back to feeling like myself. Fingers crossed! Do you have any favorite remedies to suggest? Hook me up!

Home Remedies for Cold and Flu from @cydconverse


[Citrus Turmeric Juice | Turmeric Honey Super Booster | Orange Green Tea Bath Salts | Melon Detox Juice | Honey Lemon Ginger Jar.]

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Friday 6th of March 2015

[...] Best cold and flu home remedies. [...]

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