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General Submission Guidelines
The Sweetest Occasion is constantly on the lookout for new and creative entertaining, party, living and home decor ideas, and gladly welcomes submissions! Of particular interest are real parties (dinner parties, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, bridal showers, kids parties, holiday parties and more), DIY projects, recipes and cocktails, home decor inspiration and products, and stylish design ideas. (Please note that The Sweetest Occasion no longer features real weddings!)

Interested in submitting your work to The Sweetest Occasion? Here are a few basic guidelines to follow:

  • Send images as a zip file, sized at a minimum of 1350px, web res preferred. Images should not be paired nor collaged, and should also be free of all watermark and frames.
  • Include a brief description of your submission in the body of an email. (The basic who, what, where, when and why is helpful!)
  • Where applicable, please include information on all vendors and/or participants including their URLs and social media handles so we can spread the love!
  • Include the word ‘SUBMISSION’ in the subject line of your email. Please be aware that emails without the correct subject line may be lost in the shuffle of the huge volume of email received on a daily basis as this subject line acts as a filter.
  • In your email, please indicate if the same submission has been submitted elsewhere. (Please note that exclusive submissions are strongly preferred.)
  • All submissions should be directed to [email protected]
  • Please note, The Sweetest Occasion does NOT accept pre-written articles or guest post submissions at this time. We also do not review or publish real wedding submissions.

Note: While I make a concerted effort to reply to each and every email in a timely fashion, I am just one lady who receives many hundreds of emails a week, making it nearly impossible to respond to every single message. If you have not heard back from me within 3 business days, please feel welcome to send your submission to an alternate publication. My many thanks for thinking of The Sweetest Occasion to share your work!


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