Homemade Jam Delights

Feb 24

When I was a kid I spent countless hours with my grandmother in her garden picking berries. My mother and I would later make jam from the berries and there was rarely store-bought jam in our house. Maybe that’s why when I see jars of homemade jam I can’t help but think of home, my family and all the things that inspire me most. This week has been a smidge crazy for me so I decided to round up a collection of pretty jam jars for a little mid-week inspiration. To me, these just feel like home.


{Photo by This Is Love Forever.}


{Photos from Eat Drink Chic.}


{Photo via Geoparent.}


{Photo from Cosmo Cricket.}


{Photo from Rhonna Designs.}


{Photo via The Haystack Needle.}


{Photo from little slice of life.}

{Photo from Intimate Weddings.}

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