Lola’s Circus Birthday Party

Nov 8

For Lola’s second birthday, her mom Laci threw her the cutest circus-themed birthday complete with cotton candy, popcorn and a balloon artist! I love pretty cake bunting as much as the next girl, but I think it’s especially cute at a birthday party when paired with girly birthday hats and a Ferris wheel holding cupcakes. The oversized balloons behind the sweets table make a pretty but super simple backdrop and the circus-themed details carried throughout are completely adorable. Not to mention, I am loving a circus theme designed in pink and yellow instead of the typical red and blue.














circus-theme-birthdayHappy birthday, Lola, and thanks to Jenny Haas for sharing this adorable party!

{Photos by Jenny Haas Photography.}

21 thoughts on “Lola’s Circus Birthday Party”

  1. so sweet and pretty, i absolutely love it! but as a pediatrician, i cringed a bit to see the hot dogs and popcorn. those foods are both big no-no’s for two-year-olds- huge choking risk! kids shouldn’t have popcorn until five years old and hot dogs should be cut into very tiny pieces.

  2. Please tell me where you found that little red “ringmaster” jacket! I have been looking for something exactly like that for my two year old to wear!

  3. I must replicate this! This was such an amazing idea… I want to do a carnival theme for my daughter and wanted to “girlify” it. Please tell me where to find the ferris wheel for the cupcakes!!!

  4. Any chance I could find out where that fabulous ferris wheel came from?! I too, am hosting a vintage, pink and yellow cirus/dumbo party for my daughter Charlotte this Summer – “Cirque de Charlotte”….I would love that ferris wheel, have serached high and low for an “old” looking one to no avail! Am smitten w./this one…can you help? Tnanks!!!

  5. Hey everyone! Lola’s mom actually found the Ferris wheel vintage – I have been unable to locate anything similar, but will update here if I’m able to find something. So glad you love the party!

  6. I read in the comments on the original post that the Ferris Wheel was NOT vintage, but instead handmade by a company in Texas. I just contacted them & ordered a Ferris Wheel for the carnival party we’re having for our son & daughter this summer!

    [email protected]

    It’s awesome, isn’t it?

  7. OMG – I found a replica of the ferris wheel on Craigslist… then I lost it because it was sold before I could get my check to the lady. I was determined to find another one because I refused to believe that this lady in Pensacola, FL was the only one that had this jewel. And guess what – – – I Found It! Visit:

  8. I just called JSchroeder and they won’t be making any more until spring. If anyone has one that they’d like to rent out to me for my 11/11/11 wedding, I’ll be glad to pay for shipping both ways and a little extra. It would make my fiancee very happy.

  9. Andy — we have one that I will be using for my son’s birthday in late September. I’ll gladly rent or sell mine to you for your wedding if we can agree on a reasonable price. Please email me – jmartinico at

  10. Andy, let me know when you are done! I will take it off your hands :)
    My daughter’s birthday is next spring so I would definitely be willing to purchase it from you after your wedding (if you are willing to part with it.)

    [email protected]

  11. I, too, am looking to buy a used cupcake ferris wheel. If anyone can part with one, I am buying for a December 3 party. Please email me a picture and price to stephanie at Thanks!

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