Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 8

Feb 24

I need new glasses. This is fact. I’ve been wearing the same frames for about five years now and I’m crushing pretty hard on these cool tortoise shell glasses. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? And from there, this week I’m all about cozy industrial-inspired style. The air has shifted back to feeling decidedly winter-like, there’s snow on the ground and I basically just want to cozy up in an oversized sweater and leggings, and watch a string of movies. And spend the weekend munching on a bunch of stuff that’s clearly bad for me. Who’s with me? I’m going to let winter have one last hoorah, but then it’s onto spring in a serious way for this girl.

{Shop: Root beer / tortoise shell glasses / twine / bamboo cutlery / striped hoodie / pencils / work stool.}

3 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 8”

  1. So many cute things! I have glasses just like that, I remember when I was choosing trying to explain to the sales assistant that I just wanted a standard as, cheap pair of black frames… he pulled out a pair with black ‘arms’ and tortoiseshell front and I was sold :)

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