Loving Ladylike Style

Apr 19

This post needs to start with a disclaimer. I will preface everything by saying that most days you’ll find me camped out in either yoga pants and flip flops or skinny jeans and riding boots. That said, I am outright obsessed with the most ladylike of fashions lately. The perfect clutch paired with a flirty skirt. A kicky dress and the sassiest pair of heels. You get the picture. Sometimes I like to pretend I have an excuse to dress up like this everyday, but let’s be real. That doesn’t keep me from dreaming though. And right now? Right now I’m loving ladylike style all the way.

{Photos, from top left: Nicole Warne / Gal Meets Glam / Vogue / Sunday Crossbow / Krystal Blick / The Cherry Blossom Girl / Katie Ermilio / Katie Ermilio / Wendy’s Lookbook.}

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