Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies

Sep 5

While it’s still hot and humid this week, I know crisp fall days are just around the corner. With the chill in the air will also come a renewed vigor to spend more time in the kitchen. Something about cooking and baking is so joyful for me. Chopping, sifting, mixing, stirring. It brings a quiet happiness to my soul. And, cookies. Cookies also bring happiness to my soul. Take these brown butter oatmeal chunk cookies for instance. They’re whispering all kinds of sweet nothings in my ear and I’m loving every word. I am thinking they’re the perfect cookie for fall and we should probably all indulge. Cookie baking date, anyone?

Brown butter oatmeal chunk cookies

{Photo: How Sweet It Is. | Recipe: Brown butter oatmeal chunk cookies.}

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