Loving Advent Calendars

Nov 21

As a kid, the countdown to Christmas was a big big deal in our house. Us kids squabbled over who got to move Santa in our countdown calendar every morning and would race to be the first one up for breakfast in order to be the winner. Our Advent calendar was also a big deal every year. Just that building of excitement and sheer little kid joy. Maybe that’s why this time of year is still one that just fills me right up and over the top with glee. This year there have been so many amazing DIY Advent calendars popping up just about everywhere so I thought I’d share a few that I particularly love. These would be perfect projects this weekend when you’re working through your turkey hangover!

DIY advent calendars | The Sweetest Occasion

{1: Weekday Carnival | 2: Stylizimo | 3: The Marion House Book | 4: Allison Waken | 5: Funkytime | 6: Shim and Sons | 7: You Are My Fave | 8: Sweet Paul | 9: Twig & Thistle | 10: You Are My Fave.}

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