Party Palette: Ballerina + Peach

Feb 11

Howdy, friends, and happy Monday! It’s Valentine’s Day week, of which I’m sure you’re well aware. I won’t lie, Valentine’s Day completely inspired this morning’s super feminine and romantic color palette. Pale pinks and soft shades of peach are one of my favorite color combinations and this palette makes the most of this perfect pairing. I love how the richer, deeper shades make it look a bit spunky, while the pale blush tones keep it soft and completely lovely. And, let’s be honest. I’m a total believer that we can all use a bit of girliness in our lives here and there, don’t you agree?

Ballerina + peach | The Sweetest Occasion


[Photos, from top: Yan Photo | Hello Naomi | Half Orange Photography.]

5 thoughts on “Party Palette: Ballerina + Peach”

  1. very pretty! pastels are almost underrated now that black, black, and more black has totally dominated over pink and pale, girly colors, which are “icky” and “uncool” now, it sometimes seems! I love what I call “ballet” colors.

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