Recently Pinning: Citrus + Wood

Feb 15

Favorite recent pins from The Sweetest Occasion

I have to say that I am kind of loving this new little weekly feature. It’s fun for me to look back through my last few weeks of pins and see what colors or trends are popping up on a regular basis. Right now? I’m all about citrus, which I suppose is perfect for winter, no? Add in natural, wood tones here and there and I am definitely loving this grouping. Oh and these cheesy double bean quesadillas with avocado ranch? Definitely on the list of things I’ll be whipping up soon. As always, catch me over on Pinterest for loads more where these came from. If you haven’t already, be sure to leave me a link to your Pinterest account so I can follow you, too!

[Row 1: The Kitchn | How Sweet It Is | Row 2: Armommy | Yesterday’s Sweetheart | Row 3: Martha Stewart | A Beautiful Mess.]

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