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Recently Pinning: Bright + Cheerful

Bright + cheerful rainbow party ideas

Are you guys sick of hearing me complain about the weather yet? Because I’m getting sick of myself. I’m not usually one to bemoan Mother Nature, but seriously. It’s pushing mid-April and yesterday I was dodging snowflakes. Snowflakes, people. All of this to say, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that I’m pinning everything bright and cheerful I lay eyes on like it’s my job this week. Parties decked out in swags of colorful garland? Pinned! Clusters of rainbow hued balloons? Pinned! It’s a giant please-deliver-some-sunshine wishfest going on over here. And you know what? It may just be working because I feel cheerier just looking at these photos. For more of the happy things that are striking my fancy, pop on over to Pinterest and follow along!

[Row 1: Izzy Hudgins Photography via Ruffled | Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day | Row 2: Wishy Washi Tape | You Are My Fave for Julep | Row 3: Studio DIY | Hank + Hunt for Hellobee.]

A Daisy Spring Bridal Shower
Color Palette: Wedgwood + Dove

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Friday 12th of April 2013

I'm getting sick of hearing myself talk about the weather! Haha. But really, I'm so jealous every time I see someone's Instagram of sunny weather and sandals. I am so ready for sunshine, warm weather, bright colors, and SPRING!


Friday 12th of April 2013

This gets me so excited for summer parties!