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I’m sure by now most everyone has heard that as of July 1 the long-loved Google Reader is closing up shop. I know that for many of you, like me, Google Reader is your primary way of subscribing to and keeping tabs on all of your favorite blogs so this post serves as a friendly PSA that now is the time to start backing up all your subscriptions and making plans for life post-Google Reader. (It sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it?) To that end, a few months ago I started using Feedly and while it took some adjusting, I’m really enjoying the change. In the cons department, it still lacks a few of the functions I love about Google Reader (in particular the lack of a search function is troublesome to me) but a major item in the plus category is the clean, design-friendly interface which is so much prettier to look at than Google Reader.


The other thing I love about Feedly is that the app is pretty rockin’. Far and away it’s the best RSS app I’ve ever used. The images are big and bright, the text is clean and the overall design makes reading blog posts on the go a much nicer experience than apps I’ve used in the past. Often it’s when I’m sitting in line somewhere or hanging around in waiting rooms that I catch up on a lot of my blog reading and the Feedly app really makes it quite enjoyable!

Feedly iPhone App Feedly iPhone App

[Screenshots from the Feedly app.]

If you’re already using Feedly, make sure you check out this blog post on upgrading your browser and apps to ensure you don’t lose any data upon the great Google Reader closure in a couple weeks. Because Feedly currently syncs to your Google Reader subscriptions, you’ll need to make sure you’re running the latest updates of Feedly which will change over to serving your subscriptions directly. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually super easy and then you’ll be all set to go! If you’re not already and you’d like to subscribe to The Sweetest Occasion, click here and you’re good to go!

And there concludes my friendly PSA for the day and my recommendation for how to cope with the loss of Google Reader. That said, I’d love to know what subscription service you use if there’s another you prefer! Any recommendations to share? Chime in!

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Wednesday 19th of June 2013

I started using Bloglovin and follow you on there. This is also a really great way of keeping up with blogs you follow. I hadn't heard of Feedly until recently so I'm not sure which is better. I guess it's similar to choosing which blog provider to use. I'm still wondering if I should switch from Blogger to Wordpress! So many options! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.