Loving Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos

Aug 14

Is anyone else as obsessed with metallic gold temporary tattoos as I am at the moment? This is one of those trends that I think is absolutely amazing and I find myself hoping it sticks around for a long, long time. See, I’m a girl who is regularly awed by beautiful ink work, but ultimately has always been too chicken to commit to a real tattoo of any kind. While completely ink-free, I often find myself toying with the idea of marking myself with a tattoo the likes of which I’m always pinning, but these incredible temporary options make me feel like maybe that’s not necessary. Add in that gilded metallic touch and I’m completely in love. Has anyone played around with these yet? I’m thinking I need to amass a stock pile!

Loving Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos


[1: Tattly | 2: Flash Tattoos | 3: Flash Tattoos | 4: Lulu DK | 5: Tattly | 6: Moorea Seal | 7: Moorea Seal | 8: Lulu DK.]

5 thoughts on “Loving Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos”

  1. I love all of Rifle’s designs with Tattly, Becca! They’re all gorgeous. But then I’m a huge fan of both brands in general so I think it’s an awesome collaboration.

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