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Color Palette: Jet Black + Turquoise

Happy Monday morning, everyone! I hope you had a truly awesome weekend. To kick off the week, I’m purposefully ignoring the fact that it’s barely 50° this morning (on June 1st no less) and instead talking about this super bright and bold color palette. I love black and crisp white paired with really bright, saturated colors so all of this black and turquoise and yellow and raspberry has me feel far sunnier than the weather might otherwise allow. I’m looking forward to a busy work week and then a long weekend in Florida to celebrate my niece’s high school graduation, so it’s going to be busy, busy, busy as usual in my neck of the woods. Here’s wishing you a great week ahead!

Black and Neon Color Palette by @cydconverse


[Photo, from top: Melanie Burk for Small Fry | Joanna Henderson + Charlotte Love for Heart Home Magazine | Studio DIY.]

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