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Vanilla Cotton Candy Easter Cupcakes

It’s pretty possible that I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a candy fan. Chocolate, yes. Baked goods, yes. Ice cream, absolutely. But candy? Meh. Not so much. The exception to that rule are Cadbury mini eggs. Good grief, what is it with those things? They’re like absolute candy crack. I can’t even have them in …

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Groundhog Day Cupcakes

Originally spied on Hip Hip Hooray, I thought these groundhog cupcakes were too cute not to share this morning. Meredith of Lily Jane Stationery made these awesome little cupcakes – some with shadows and some without – to celebrate Phil’s venture outside today. Visit Meredith’s blog for the how-to and for a printable groundhog so …

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Pretty Little Things from Little Doll Face

Another little blog that I adore and highly recommend – Little Doll Face. Written by Helen, who is rather adorable herself, Little Doll Face features a love for cupcakes, cute crafty DIY projects, great photos, and world travel. Needless to say, all of those are among my favorite things. With that said, I’ll be taking …

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