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This time of year I almost always have fresh cut flowers around the house. It’s almost a little crazy just how happy a big bunch of blooms in the center of the dining room table or tucked on the mantle can make me. Now that the snow is finally gone and the screen doors have been opened up, flowers around the house really drives home that spring vibe and they make me insanely happy. I get a lot of questions from friends about how I take care of cut flowers and I’ve shared them before here, but it seemed like a good time to revisit my favorite easy tips for how to keep flowers fresh, alive and perky for as long as possible. Any other tricks you can share with me? Fill me in!

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I’m back today with another of my favorite go-to tips! Seeing as though Valentine’s Day season is officially upon us and there’s a good chance many of you will be receiving flowers at some point in the next week, the timing is pretty perfect for this one. Namely, we’re talking about how to keep flowers …

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