Linda & Harriett – Cards for Just Because

Oct 18

When the folks at Linda & Harriett contacted me about their Cards for Just Because event, I knew I had to share it with you. In honor of her mother, Liz of Linda & Harriet will be giving away cute note cards to anyone who would like one. The catch? You have to promise to send it to someone special – just because. All you have to do is email lindaandharriett(at) before noon EST tomorrow, October 19th and Linda & Harriett will send you a note card and envelope to send to a loved one. If you’re in Brooklyn, you can pick up a card in person at the Blue Sky Bakery between 10am and 1pm where Liz will be handing out cards (and stamps, too!) in person. As a lover of stationery and hand-written notes, you can rest assured I’ve already emailed for my card and can’t wait to send it out to a certain friend of mine who lives too far away and whom I see far too little.


{To learn more about Liz’s mom, visit the Linda & Harriett blog.}

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