Off to the Clark + Walker Launch Party!

Nov 19

I’m scooting out a little early today to make my way to over the Albany area to help celebrate the opening of Clark + Walker Studio‘s gorgeous new storefront in downtown Troy – I can’t wait to finally meet my buddy Luke in person! Coincidentally, my husband and I received a beautiful package in the mail from the Clark + Walker folks yesterday – our wedding video! We spent part of our evening curled up on the couch sans MacBook (a fairly atypical occurrence for a blogger, admittedly) reliving our wedding. It’s amazing how quickly the small little moments of your day start to blur even after just four months and it was so fun to find ourselves back in the moment laughing at how nervous we both seemed.

I’ll be back tomorrow and promise to share all the details of the Clark + Walker party, co-sponsored by WellWed and The Pink Orange, next week. In the meantime, I just had to share one of my all-time favorite Clark + Walker images. Jeans, orange ties, yellow balloons plus yellow shades a la Kayne = a wedding that is way too cool for words, don’t you agree?


{Photo by Clark + Walker Studio.}

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