DIY Valentine’s Day Library Card Love Notes

Jan 21

Without my prior knowledge or consent, it appears it has evolved into Valentine’s Day week here. Well, let’s just say that I loved this DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea over at The Lettered Cottage so much I couldn’t resist sharing. I’ve mentioned more than once that my husband is an English teacher and I’m a crazy lover of literature and writing so any details relating to books are especially near and dear to my heart. Layla created this beautiful box of cards to resemble a card catalog, each card noted with special moments and occasions and penned with little love notes based on an idea from Poetic Home.  It’s even complete with Dewey Decimals. (Well, a play on the Dewey Decimal system – same thing right?) I love the idea of creating this little box of memories to be tucked away and brought out every so often to reflect on life and love. Flowers and chocolate got nothing on this.


{Photos from The Lettered Cottage.}

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