Custom Heart Invitations by Erin Jang

Feb 10

I love Erin Jang’s work and her incredible eye for sweet, quirky, modern design. These custom heart-shaped accordion-folded wedding invitations are so indicative of what I love about Erin’s designs. They are fun and playful and completely unique, a perfect complement to the couple’s red and purple color palette which was infused with little heart details throughout. In addition to Erin’s custom work, she also recently designed a collection of letterpress wedding invitations for us at Bella Figura* that I absolutely adore.




*Please note that as I am employed by Boxcar Press/Bella Figura/Smock, I am completely biased when I talk about how awesome Erin’s design for Bella Figura are…but Erin’s designs really do rock.

{Photos from Erin Jang/The Indigo Bunting.}

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