Paper Party Decor from Paperklip Design

Mar 30

It appears that I’m just loving Etsy this week, even more so than usual. Yet another new shop has found it’s way into my growing list of favorites. Paperklip Design crafts adorable paper cuts, bunting and garlands all of which are perfect for your next party. The simple handmade paper wares are charming and colorful and loaded with simple, inspiring ideas. I love these cute little silhouettes! Wouldn’t they be sweet tied to little bags of treats and goodies at a birthday party?




{Photos from Paperklip Design.}

3 thoughts on “Paper Party Decor from Paperklip Design”

    1. Awww thanks, Maria! You made my day, my week, possibly even my month with that comment. So so happy to have you reading along! xoxo

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