Romantic Pink Blooms

Apr 22

Growing up I was always a girly girl, but never the pink-obsessed version of a girly girl that was many of my friends. As an adult, I often find pink to be completely irresistible, especially when it takes the form of fluffy romantic flowers tucked inside time-worn vintage glass bottles. Like these that I spied over at Dreamy Whites. I love how pretty and romantic a few blooms in assorted shapes and sizes of bottles can look so chic – and really, this is just so effortless to pull off. I could see these lining a long banquet table or grouped together as a centerpieces on classic round tables at a wedding reception. Or lining a mantle in your living room just because you felt like a little something pretty. No matter how you do it, you really can’t go wrong with pretty pink flowers.




{Photos from Dreamy Whites via Sweet Emilia Jane.}

7 thoughts on “Romantic Pink Blooms”

  1. Thank you for linking to my blog! I’m so glad you found some inspiration there! I can’t seem to get over big blooms in vintage bottles. It gets me every time!

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