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Jun 9

I have to be honest. Having the opportunity to share all of the amazing designs created by such truly talented wedding professionals for the Inspired Creations Contest is pretty awesome. The ideas they have come up with have truly blown me away and, judging by your responses, they’ve blown you away, too. And that was the entire point so thank you for continuing to chime in with your support for your favorite designs. With that said, enough rambling! Today’s entry from My Simple Details, Holly Chapple Flowers, Kate Triano Photography and Paperzest is another incredibly fun design, an 80s-inspired school themed wedding shoot that is honestly just too cute for words. I love the festive orange, teal and black color palette and all of the fun school-inspired details.



modern-black-white-teal-wedding-ideasUsing an adorable couple who were high school sweethearts as their inspiration, the team designed an event that is fun, lighthearted and casual while still being super chic. They share, “The wedding design started with a throw back to their schoolyard days with mix tapes and boom boxes. For the venue we selected a local Northern Virginia park, because similar locations can be found in almost any city with black tops and swing sets to entertain the kids while encouraging older guests to remember their youth.”



orange-teal-wedding-feather-bouquet“The ceremony was an intimate event with a mix of school chairs and jump ropes to line the aisle. The program covers, made by Paperzest, started with a hand drawn heart with L + K plus the date in the center. The finishing touch was an orange ribbon tie and a single spotted guinea feather emerging from the heart.”

gray-vest-black-tie-grooms-boutonniere“Kris’s boutonniere, made by Holly Chapple Flowers, was funky with a small black pocket made for the stems, turquoise spotted guinea feathers, black leucadendron and a single white ranunculus, with a black pin detail added to the center. Similarly, Lyssa’s bouquet made a big statement with funky black leucadendron, black calla lilies, white ranunculus, white carnations, and various feathers.”


high-school-sweetheart-wedding-invitations“A candy caddy allowed guests to indulge in their childhood favorites like pixy sticks and lollypops, sidewalk chalk was displayed for use on the black top, and jump ropes were strung around the playground and placed out for kids and adult to use. Finally there were banners saying “HS SWEET HEARTS” strung on the swing set and the bride and grooms chairs. A custom veil, by Doreen at Unveiled Bridal Designs was the perfect fit for Lyssa’s funky style, including spotted orange, turquoise, black, and white feathers with a white masque to cover Lyssa’s eyes. The dress created by Vintage Mama, was a short flirty dress with pleats down the center for a fun detail.”



school-themed-wedding-ideas-report-card-menu“Table details included vintage school chairs paired with a white and chrome table. A custom runner with black cursive numbers on a white background added a graphic element to the dinner table. Vintage turquoise Melmac dishes were used to create a relaxed fun feel and mod orange water glasses added an additional pop of color to the tabletop. Letterpresses coasters, designed by Julia Juliette, were the perfect little detail and acted as additional favors for guests.”


diy-wedding-guest-book“The guest book table included flat note cards with cute school year pictures of Lyssa and Kris displayed in a vintage desk organizer. Guests could use blue or orange crayons to ‘pass a note’ to the couple and hinted to the fact that there were ‘no teachers in sight.’ A boom box with microphone was also set up for guests to record some ‘boom box love’ for Lyssa and Kris on their big day. We thought this would be a huge hit as guests remember back to the day when they made their own mix tapes.”

puppy-love-poodle-dog-ring-bearerI am so in love with this design! And, of course, if you know me at all then you know I’m in love with puppies making guest appearances at their parents’ wedding, too. From the fresh and fun color palette and playful youth-inspired details, this 80s inspired wedding shoot is all about lighthearted celebration. Thank you so much to the incredible vendors who pulled this shoot together – it was a refreshing blast from the past!

My Simple Details
Holly Chapple Flowers
Kate Triano Photography
Unveiled Bridal Designs
Julia Juliette
Vintage Mama
Byrdie Graphics

{Photos by Kate Triano Photography.}

33 thoughts on “Inspired Creations – 80s School Theme Wedding Inspiration”

  1. I love this unique wedding theme! The colors are great as are all of the wonderful details, especially the tapes and report card menus.

  2. My husband and I graduated the same year but from different high schools. We didn’t meet till years later. I have large photos of us from high school framed on the wall because both pictures just scream 80’s.

    I was thinking this would make a great theme for an anniversary party. Almost all of our friends are 80’s kids too so I think it would be a blast for everyone.

    Great idea, that’s for the inspiration.
    .-= J. Is a Bird’s most recent blog post: New set dressing and a friend’s tradtion. =-.

  3. This is such a great theme!! I absolutely love the “boom box love” idea. I have old mixed tapes that I still listen to and it would be awesome to have a mixed tape full of fun messages for the bride and groom.

  4. My husband and I are high school sweethearts- so I really LOVE this. The crayons, passing notes, the menus, the chairs-awesome. Maybe our next wedding? ;) Great job ladies!

  5. You are so creative and really know how to pull a theme together. This was absolutely adorable. I love the pictures !!!

  6. This is just too cool for word. I love the theme and the style is awesome. I can’t wait to get married now.

  7. This is what weddings are really about. Being young and in love and having fun together. You really captured the moment and they will have that forever.

  8. This is ridiculously awesome! Love the colors and the super creative vibe. What an original concept that is so fun and really represents this couple. Totally rocks!

  9. What a creatively fantastic theme! Love the colors and style. Very new and out of the box thinking.

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