Party Shopping: Celebrating Fall

Sep 21

As much as I love summer and frolicking around barefoot in sundresses, there’s something so invigorating about fall. Now that fall is officially here, I’m so excited for all of the requisite seasonal festivities! My idea for the perfect way to celebrate? Go for a drive and spend an afternoon soaking up the sights of the foliage and collecting leaves, stopping along the way for a bushel of perfectly ripe apples and a big ol’ jug of apple cider. Cozy up at home in a big sweater and light tons of candles to compete with the dwindling daylight. Want to plan a more organized fall celebration? Channel the season with textural elements in earthy colors – think kraft paper envelopes, jute twine and bakery boxes perfect for sending guests home with little packages of apple cider donuts.

{Shopping guide: Scarf / mason jar mugs / field basket / kraft paper envelopes / twine / votive holders / wooden leaves / serving tray / bakery boxes / glitter.}

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