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We’re Getting Married! All About Our Plans + What I’ve Been Buying

Way back at the beginning of the year when I announced that we’re getting married, we had these grand plans for a backyard wedding and a cool brunch reception. Fast forward seven months or so and all of our plans have changed approximately twelve or thirteen times. Now we’re just a little over a week out from making it official over here (!!!) and I wanted to pause and fill you in our plans, how they’ve changed and share with you some of the things I’ve been buying to bring my vision to life on this whole shindig. Some elements haven’t changed at all! We’re still getting married in our backyard, the original color palette has stayed the same, etc. Beyond that we’ve shaken things up quite a bit. In fact, we’re not even having a traditional reception! There are no table numbers, no seating arrangements, no carved beef. We still aren’t really having an official wedding party, we never had bachelorette or bachelor parties and we opted for a casual backyard dinner party with some of our closest friends in lieu of any kind of shower. I am pretty sure we’re going to have one of the coolest weddings ever though, even if I do say so myself. Read on for the details!

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Recently Pinning: Things In Coral + Pink

I have this odd relationship with shades of pink. See, sometimes I love pink like it’s my job. Other times, I really could leave it or take it…generally leave it. Lately I’ve been having a major pink and coral moment. It might be because I’m considering giving my desk a wash of glossy coral to …

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Colorful Celebration Decor from Luna Bazaar

This post was sponsored by Luna Bazaar. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that so generously help keep The Sweetest Occasion rockin’! You guys know I’m no stranger to being infatuated with gorgeous party decorations! Which has a whole lot to do with my love for our long-time sponsor Luna Bazaar. They are seriously my go-to …

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Sarah + Ben: A Crane Estate Wedding

I know it has been a while since I’ve featured a real wedding and, honestly, that has actually been pretty intentional. See, this year I sort of re-committed to myself that I would only post what I was passionate about, things that I love and can’t stop thinking about. And frankly, there are so many amazing …

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Julieanne + Bryce: A Sweet Texas Wedding

As I shared earlier in the week, I have a bit of a passion for architecture. So when I tell you that I am obsessed with Julieanne and Bryce’s wedding, you’ll understand why. Held at Lost Mission outside of Austin, they started the day with an absolutely stunning backdrop. Add in bursts of cheerful color and …

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Loving Gold Table Settings

Lately I’ve really been loving gorgeous table settings, in particular those that boast stunning golden details. There is just something so timeless and glamorous about gold flatware and gold-dipped glasses, don’t you think? What I love about this look is that it can go completely glam or just add a soft bit of shimmery sheen …

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Virginia + Michael: A Beautiful Ojai Wedding

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a real wedding around these parts, but today it’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to party! Virginia and Michael were married in Ojai, California in a wedding that was somehow a most lovely combination of budget-friendly, personal and absolutely stunning. Of course, …

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The Best of 2012: Katie + John

Another favorite this year, Katie and John’s New England farm wedding was beautiful from start to finish! The gorgeous venue, the stunning flowers and the pretty stationery were just the tip of the iceberg. The blended Irish and Jewish ceremonies and the handmade chuppah only served to make their wedding even more lovely and personal, …

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Party Palette: Classic Christmas

Somehow it’s December and my iTunes is officially playing Christmas music in high rotation. I’m thinking about things like baking cookies, buying presents and planning holiday festivities with family and friends. Today’s color palette is taking a page from the book of classic Christmas. Bright holly red, rich evergreen and touches of soft and woodsy …

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