Shopping Guide: Fall Favorites

Oct 7

I love cozying up in the fall. I like to pull fuzzy throw blankets out from the linen closet, unearth my favorite boots, drink copious amounts of really hot coffee and spend as much time in the kitchen baking as I can. There is something so comforting about the sights and smells of fall. Everything seems to slow down a bit before the cold blanket of winter settles in, while the sunshine is still bright enough to make frolicking around outside a pleasure and not a chore. We’re expecting one last bout of summer warmth this weekend, but I’m not-so secretly looking forward to crisp fall air moving in to stay.

Shop: 1. Plaid throw blanket / 2. Honey / 3. Pumpkin cookie mix / 4. Canning jars / 5. Stanley coffee bottle / 6. Camp mug / 7. Campfire scented candle / 8. Wedge boots / 9. Scarf

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