DIY Foil Flags

Mar 20

by Jenny Batt

This is a perfect example of me cruising the aisles at the craft store and happening upon a cool material. (Love that!) I have actually tried making cupcake toppers from regular aluminum foil and it was too thin and showed where my double stick tape was. This new foil tape sheet material is thicker and has an adhesive backing, perfect for making bunting or you guessed it – cupcake flags! If you have seen any of my DIYs tutorials, you know I love putting things on sticks. This DIY is no exception. It is simple and the metallic sheen is perfect for any style of party!

Supplies –


The sheets are the perfect length for flags, just cut 3/4 inch strips parallel to the longer edge. Remove backing, place sticky side up and center the cupcake stick on the tape.  Using your fingers, carefully fold around stick and fold the sides together. Press flat gently. Trim end into a flag shape. You can leave the flag flat or curve it gently with your fingers for a wave look.  I used a toothpick to write the word “yay” and it would be fun to add stripes or dots, too. Anyway you make it, it’s easy and fun to make traditional party decor out of something unique!

{Photos by Hank & Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion.}

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