Loving Long Hair

Apr 5

Most people who know me have become accustomed to my hair being cropped in a short bob of some form or another over the last several years. Just after finishing grad school, I went in and chopped off a solid 12″ and never looked back. But lately I have to admit to having a major crush on long hair. In fact, my hair is the longest it has been in years at it’s current shoulder length and I find myself waffling between cutting it all off again or growing it out so I can rock a killer braid. While I’m deciding what to do with my partner in crime Carolynn who is also wading through the same dilemma, I’m loving these gorgeous long styles.

{Photos, from top: Heidi Slimane via I Love Wildfox / a glamorous little side project / Tec Petaja / Stefany Alves / hello it’s valentine / Tec Petaja via Once Wed / Sara Lynn Paige / love Maegan / Keiko Lynn.}