Pretty Little Things: Cake Stands

Oct 8

Throughout October I’m going to be taking some time off and have invited a handful of my favorite bloggers to join us. Today I am positively thrilled to welcome Erika Firm, who is not only one of my BFFs but also the supremely talented creative force behind stationery line Delphine. Also be sure to pop over and pay a visit to her blog, Delphine Ephemera, where she shares her love for all things design, color and typography.

Bonjour, everyone! It’s Erika here from Delphine, and I’m so happy to be filling in for Cyd while she is off on a grand adventure. I have a thing about organizing things chromatically. My books, my dishes, my studio supplies, and yes, even my underwear drawer, are all arranged by color. In my dreams, I have a rainbow cabinet full of colorful cake stands, organized just so, in each and every hue…

A rainbow of cake stands from The Sweetest Occasion

{Shop: Red / orange / marigold / citron / jadeite / cobalt / violet / gray.}

Baking is fun, but I’m kind of a disaster when it comes to decorating cakes. I don’t have the patience (or, lets face it, the hand eye coordination) for fanciful icing, so my cakes are always a little, um, rustic looking. But I always get compliments on the way I’ve dressed up my dessert table. My secret trick…shhhhhh…vary the height of everything on the table. I’ve found that even the messiest homemade cake looks charming when elevated on a stand. Scatter a few goodies on the table in front of the cake stand, add a third level by turning a bowl upside down, and voila: a pretty dessert table!

A collection of classic cake stands from The Sweetest Occasion

{Shop: White / glass / black / galvanized / rustic wood / Thanksgiving.}