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The Gift Guide: For The Littles

Let’s talk about the kiddos today, shall we? Shopping for the littles in my life is definitely one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. When rounding up my gift picks, I went with a good combination of keepsake gifts, colorful toys to stimulate the imagination and a few essentials like an awesome electric toothbrush and the perfect winter hat. The only problem for me? Knowing when to stop! Spoiling the kiddos is absolutely something I love to do. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest where I’m sharing all of my favorite holiday finds, and also check out awesome stocking stuffers, the perfect gifts for her, my favorite gifts for guys and my picks for hostess gifts!

The Gift Guide: For the Littles | The Sweetest Occasion

1: Wooden dump truck, $8.99 | 2: Crayon necklace, $10.50 | 3: Rainbow stacking cone, $50 | 4: Alice in Wonderland, $17.99 | 5: Boys’ pom-pom beanie, $16.95 | 6: Crayola toothbrush, $64.95 | 7: Wooden bull, $12.95 | 8: Hot pink deer, $5.50 | 9: Little boy bow tie, $19.50 | 10: Building blocks, $29.99 | 11: Girls’s gem hat, $9.99 | 12: Floral headband, $16.50 | 13: Radio Flyer inchworm, $54 | 14: Love tote, $5.85 | 15: Bunny, $11.99

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