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Pretty Hand-Painted Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Designing pretty printable gift tags for readers is a bit of a tradition around here, in part because I love sharing my love of beautiful stationery and in part because I’m personally such a sucker for a well-wrapped gift. I absolutely love how a great gift tag can make even the simplest of packages feel so special and unique, which is a quality I like all of the gifts I give to have. Have you ever noticed how much more excited loved ones get to unwrap a gift that’s all decked out in the perfect ribbons and bows? People can tell when you take a little extra care wrapping their gift, making them feel even more loved, and for me that is what this season is all about. With that spirit in mind, I’ve teamed up with Staples to share the prettiest hand-painted printable gift tags with you! I collaborated with my amazingly talented bestie Erika Firm who took my ramblings about plaid and “traditional but modern” and turned them into a collection of nine seriously stunning gift tags all created by hand just for you.

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My Top 10 Tips for Easy Last Minute Holiday Entertaining

Entertaining is definitely a passion of ours, but during the holidays we seriously ramp it up, even for us. Already on our hosting calendar for December is a Christmas brunch with Bob’s side of the family, a Christmas cocktail party with our neighbors, a potential gathering with Bob’s co-workers, and the usual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities. Add in any number of the impromptu get togethers we’re known for and it’s safe to say that this time of year I go into hostess mode for a month or more straight. That’s why today I’ve teamed up with the folks at Tyson® to share my top ten tips for easy last minute holiday entertaining! It’s my goal to help you feel empowered to entertain during the holidays, even if maybe you don’t typically throw parties or even consider yourself a host or hostess. So here I’m sharing my favorite ways to streamline prep work, inspiration for really simple recipes, and a bunch of “do ahead” and “last minute” ideas so you can hop off to the grocery store the night before or last minute and bring things together without a lot of stress.

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A Kid Approved Holiday Brunch Menu

This post was sponsored by Cuties. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help make The Sweetest Occasion possible! With zero contest, brunch is our favorite meal in this family. Every single one of us is crazy about breakfast foods in general so on the weekends and on holidays, the kids get really excited to hang out …

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Take the Holiday Survey + Win $50 to J.Crew

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great weekend. I spent some time over the last few days continuing to think about and plan for holiday season content. I feel like I’m constantly saying “there’s so much happening behind the scenes” or some variation thereof, but I am truly working really hard to double down right now so that I can …

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Mix It Up: Holiday Cocktails

I can’t believe we’re already closing in on the weekend before Christmas! That happened in a flash, didn’t it? With all flavors of occasions merry and bright occupying most of our schedules over the next several days, I thought a round-up of some particularly festive holiday cocktails was in order. Whether it be channeling your …

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Kaylee + Bobby: A Newlywed Christmas

Do you guys remember this amazing Christmas shoot that the crazy talented Haley Sheffield shared last year? You guys went crazy for it (as did I) and soon enough it was a huge internet sensation. Not a day goes by that I don’t see those photos popping up all over Pinterest and the free world at large. …

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Nutella Hot Chocolate + Cinnamon Whipped Cream

I’ve never pretended to be a food blogger and there’s a pretty good reason why, my friends. That’s one heck of a tough job taking those impeccably styled and beautiful photos all the while trying to make sure your cocoa isn’t too cold and you don’t have whipped cream flying all over the place! On …

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