Color Palette: Carnival Red

Jul 22

‘Tis the season for carnivals and county fairs, which is entirely the inspiration for this week’s color palette. Bright, saturated carnival red is seriously the color of the season! It makes me think of wandering the fair, ice cream cone in hand, in hunt of a bag of fried dough. Yup. That’s ice cream and fried dough all in the same sentence. You know you love it. But seriously though. When I look at this color palette I can basically smell cotton candy and taffy, hear the squeals of little kids as they traipse through the fair with their little goldfish bags in hand and essentially all I want to do is ride a Ferris wheel!

Color Palette: Carnival Red

[Photos, from top: Donna Newman for Cheree Berry | Ashlee Raubach | Jen Huang.]

3 thoughts on “Color Palette: Carnival Red”

    1. Hi Dayna! I actually come up with the color names myself as the mood strikes me, inspired by the look/feel of the color palette. :-)

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